Jeff Mills – THE TRIP – Enter The Black Hole



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Jeff Mills


2 x 12” Vinyl, CD, Digital Download

Since the beginning of humanity, man has always wondered about what lies beyond the Stars. The relevance to what and who we are, but also what we will eventually become and where we need to go. And to exercise our minds for such possibilities, the storytelling of impossible adventures can help us with understanding how we might manage and exist in such alternative existences and in the least case, stretch our minds to become open and free.

In various theoretical possibilities of what could happen if one might physically enter through a Black Hole, Jeff Mills designs conceptual examples for what could happen to Time and Space.

Vinyl track listing:
A1. Entering The Black Hole
A2. Time In The Abstract
B1. Contradiction (Silent Shadow Mix) feat. Jun Togawa
B2. Wandering
C1. When Time Stops
C2. Time Reflective
D1. Infinite Redshift
D2. Hole feat. Jun Togawa

Vocal (#02,05,08,11,13):  Jun Togawa
Keyboard (#05,11):  Shinichi Yamaguchi
Guitar (#08, 13): Kazuhide Yamaji
Producing, Mixing and Editing: Jeff Mills
Mastering: Steve Kovacs
Vodal recording engineer:  Jiro Takita
Vocal recording studio:  Flamingo Studio, Tokyo
Special Thanks:  Nobuo Nakahara, Shinichi Yamaguchi, Jun Togawa Office,  Itaru Mita, Cosmic Lab, Masaaki Ishizaki, UMAA Inc.
All music is composed by Jeff Mills.  Lyrics (#02,05,08,11) by Jun Togawa
#9 (vinyl/CD version) composed by Jeff Mills and Pyramidal Decode
Lyric melodies by Lion Merry (#08,13) and Shinichi Yamaguchi (#05,11)

Vinyl Records:  The records are cut in reverse. They play from inside outwards.

CD: import from Japan

Download limit:  3 downloads within 30 days

Download size:  full album MP3 approx 125MB / Wav 44.1kHz 24bit approx 1.02GB