Lagware – Project “Red Sandstone”


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“In 2035 starts a project called ‘Red Sandstone’ with the purpose of put the first humans in Mars.
The spacecraft has been launched from Cape Canaveral with all of humanity paying attention to the event.

When the astronauts landed on the red planet, they set up their camp and quickly began to explore it.

Two days later they found a mineral that they called acidic hematite due to the chemical reactions that it presented to different elements such as water, fire or the air of the earth.

After five days they realized that they were not alone. A silhouette similar to a human but with a height of about 60 centimeters found them. They were later called, citizens of Mars. It seemed a technologically not very advanced society.

That was their secret because they had enough elements to escape the satellites and robots previously sent by the humansbut the most important thing is that they are peaceful and
very curious creatures that quickly approached the astronauts to get to know them better, even though they wouldn’t speak the same language.

At the end, the mission was a success and years later a new connection to the red planet and its people began to be created, which led humans to create the first cities on Mars and most importantly, a new milestone for humanity.” – Lagware


The synergies between digital technology and electronic music have led José Alberto A. Fernández to create Lagware.  Lagware comes from the union of two words, “Lag” that represents the sudden slowdown of a computer application and “Software”, reflecting its relationship with digital technology. His music is inspired by abstract technological elements and environments such as source codes, databases or artificial intelligence, although he is also passionate about science fiction, futurism, ufology and astrological studies.  Little else is known about this young 26-year-old artist who continues to work his sound in the shadow of his studio with the sole purpose of improving and polishing it day by day.

Credit: Written, produced and mixed by José Alberto A. Fernández (a.k.a Lagware)
Mastered by José Alberto A. Fernández.  Artwork design by José Alberto A. Fernández

A special thanks to Jeff Mills for give me the opportunity to show this work.

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