Mike Storm + DJ Surgeles – Some Thing Some Where


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DJ Surgeles, Mike Storm


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It was taken by astronauts during an EVA as they were finishing external repairs to the ISS. The event lasted .07 seconds and an estimated distance range of 30,000 ,miles away.That’s important because it means the ISS is far from major sources of light contamination that make it impossible to detect any tiny light signal from the universe itself.

It looks likes its appears as a string of lights arranged in a clear, angled line off-world vehicles not made on this earth.

a more exotic explanation — some unknown phenomenon out in the universe that creates visible light. It’s even possible it’s something associated with dark matter, a mysterious form of matter that exerts a gravitational pull on visible matter but has never been seen directly.

The existence of invisible matter in the universe was first suggested by Dutch astronomer Jan Hendrik Oort in 1932 when he observed that the stars at the outer edge of the galaxy were moving at a speed that was much faster than he had earlier predicted. Oort concluded that a material with the gravitational power to cause stars to move at increased velocity was present. The only problem was that it could not be seen. He called this invisible material “dark matter”.

What happened to the astronauts during this event?

In reality it only took place in .07 sec. But this was not .07 sec for the astronauts, for them it was completely different.. These two astronauts had been scanned by something and it seemed that they were into dark matter or something else. For them it did not take .07 sec but they experienced this for a few minutes!

 They could not see where they were and didn’t see their bodies. They could not see each other but in their experience they were really there.  They’ve heard sounds they did not recognize and were not sure whether it was communicating or if they were being scanned. The sounds got louder and louder and repeating lights and vibrations through their bodies.

Suddenly it was gone and they saw each other again outside on the space station the ISS. They looked at each other and did not know what they had been through. None of them could really talk to each other about what they had experienced.

Back on earth they both felt they had brought something with them. It felt they were never alone. They couldn’t explain it. Some One is watching them from Some Where. Are they being observed or controlled by extraterrestrial?

Isn’t it equally speculative to imagine that alien civilizations exist? But these astronauts were seeing this event of light and back on earth they still cant figer it out what they saw and feld at that point.

Have they been scanned by the unknown? Or has something been added to them? Why would we not expect another civilization to have sent things into interstellar space?

After a few months, the two astronauts came out with their own story trying to explain the unexplained.

Astronaut 072-STRM stated that he no longer feels alone and seems to be carrying something with him. The inexplicable still happens to him regularly. Closed-Eye hallucinations, flashy images in his mind, but these images and complex hallucinations are not his! Unrecognizable shapes and colors with sounds. He cannot place them. Also receiving  normal pictures of our everyday moments on Earth. It also appears to be communicating with him, but for him it’s still not clear whether this is. He’s now working with various scientists to translate his hallucinations and flashy images into real images and videos. They are already in an advanced status and expect to release the first images in a short term. The goal is to find out further if it’s a warning to humanity or Some One or Some Thing is learning from us.

Astronaut 072-SURL came with a different story. It was clear to him that he had an encounter with an alien species doing something to his mind, something humanity has never felt, some sort of program put into his mind. Later, the spacecraft returned to Earth to request information from him, who have been chosen to deliver information about humanity to the aliens. In this way the aliens can get to know and study humanity. Once the information was exchanged, the spacecraft returned to space. During the study of the obtained material from humanity, it became clear that an abduction could now be started. He found out that he had been followed by the aliens since birth. Mission: Obtain information and have them carry out assignments on behalf of the great master of the universe. He told the spacecraft was returned to track down and abduct him to their home planet with their spaceship. Then the alien communicate with him and he said: The moment when the flash was seen on their mission on the ISS space station, he witnessed his own abduction! That one moment that made him feel strange turned out to be his own journey of the beings’ spacecraft with himself in it.Once on the planet from the visitors,home of the beings, he found out that there were other civilizations many times more intelligent than humans and capable of very “great” things. They observed the other kind mathematically, as if they’d seen the most hazy thing ever. He eye-witnessed the most complex things ever saw. As a stroke of midnight he was stunned. He has seeing strange outsider activities!

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