Ribé – Order In Chaos


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Talking about space is talking about chaos, but also about order.

One cannot exist without the other. There is order in chaos, but there is also chaos in order.

The universe is pressure, balance and expansion. A balance of elements that form a perfect harmony in which all the elements are necessary for everything to be.

In electronic music there is order, but there is also chaos. There are processes, mixes and balances.

Everything is seemingly random. In each sound, in each set of sounds, exists an order but with infinite variables.

Everything is apparently linear, but it is not, slight changes can suppose a totally different evolution, but we are lucky enough to be able to record some of these evolutions in the form of music.

Our intention with this concept is to create a universe of our own, ordered and chaotic but with meaning and balance, where the apparently random images suggest that within the chaos there is an order.

Credits: Written produced and mixed by Ribé,  Mastered by Eternal Midnight, Artwork by Peter Pantaleón


It was the year 2015. Ribé was already a skillful producer, but that day, the one in which he decided to take a step further in his career and start messing with those machines of machines called modular synthesizers, everything changed. There, between cables, frequencies and transitions, Ribé hardened that heartrending sound that has accompanied him since then on his road. Modular was his perfect escape route, a new door to get the proposal he was looking for, a proposal with unlimited possibilities. A proposal and an endless sound.
That unique sound did of course not go unnoticed and it was soon selected by one of the most important technolabels of the international scene and, with no doubt, essential at a national level: PoleGroup. Exium included his track ‘Deviation‘ in one of the compilations of Oscar Mulero’s label and soon Ribé was called to record his own solo EP in the new project of the house, the sub-label of PoleGroup, Aine. Great artists of the techno scene such as Mulero himself, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann or Antigone, among others, began to include his tracks in their sessions and to make of him one of the new fetish producers.

The next step has turned the scene upside down. Taking as reference some greats among the greats of techno like Surgeon, Blawan or Drumcell, Ribé set up his own live show in which the modular synthesizers, that he learned to love and handle with ease and passion, are protagonists. A genuine live, totally based on pure improvisation, but with a forcefulness and a sense that causes a fascinating effect on the audience that dances to his sounds. Reference clubs in the circuit of Madrid, Ribé’s home, such as Utopia or Cassette have already surrendered to his lucubrations.

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