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With techno verging towards the peak of mainstream exposure, alongside algorithmic distractions altering our sub-consciousness, The Hidden Notes Project shows my deepest intimate quest into inner psycoacoustic frequencies, without the urgency to shout, convince or adapt in a rat race driven outside world.

Sequences of bleeps & tones that the modern ear has grown accustom to in the wider context of noise. But what if we become the noise controlling our existence? What if undiscovered planets and abstract concepts we humans don’t understand were hidden in our consciousness all along? Which stars are we actually chasing?

Most above all The Hidden Notes Project finds me leaving the theory of context and embracing the purpose of internal control.

ROD (Benny Rodrigues):

“During my Corona lockdown i decided to fire up my vintage hardware collection, and for the 1st time in my 15 years of music making, start jammin’ without a single computer in sight. I soon realized that creating music in this oldskool way, with each session limiting myself to just 1 synthesizer and 1 drum machine recorded in a single take, was the most studio-fun i ever had. So from now on Rod20 (as in 2020, but also ROD 2.0) will serve for all my strictly (analogue) hardware productions.”

Credit: Written & produced by Rod20. Mastered by Alden Tyrell. Artwork by Alessio Emmers

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