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Jeff Mills

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Sight Sound And Space is a compilation featuring 27 compositions carefully selected from the archive of Jeff Mills and Axis Records. In a wide range of styles of Electronic Music; from dance, music for art, film soundtracks to classical arrangements, each composition reflects the unique recording technique of Mills as he continues to push musical barriers forward and in the most uncompromising fashion – a release for true music adventurers.

Individual track download available.

A 3 CD box set with a 47 page booklet of Jeff Mills’ own commentaries on each and every track is also available.  (AXCD054)

Track Listing:

  1. Perfecture   (5:48)  taken from “Metropolis” EP/CD
  2. Homing Device (4:40) taken from “2087” CD
  3. The Drive Home  (7:32) taken from “Woman In The Moon” CD
  4. Devices (5:05) taken from “At First Sight” CD
  5. Sleepy Time  (3:08) taken from “A Trip To The Moon” CD
  6. Descending Eiffel Stairs  (6:54) taken from “The Crazy Ray” film soundtrack
  7. The Hunter  (5:07) taken from “Free Fall Galaxy” CD
  8. The Bells  (4:45) taken from “Kat Moda” EP
  9. 4Art   (5:13) taken from “4Art/UFO” EP
  10. Growth  (5:08) taken from “Growth” EP
  11. Spiral Galaxy  (4:11) taken from “Occurrence” CD
  12. Microbe  (5:20) taken from “The Power” CD
  13. Jade  (3:50) taken from “Every Dog Has Its Day” CD
  14. Flying Machines  (5:16) taken from “Sequence” CD
  15. Into The Body  (4:04) taken from “Fantastic Voyage” CD
  16. The Resolution  (4:13)  taken from “Actual” EP
  17. Introduction – Phase 1-3  (3:40) taken from “Fantastic Voyage” CD
  18. Mercury (Residue Mix)  (1:40)  unreleased.  Original version taken from “Planets” CD
  19. The Believers  (4:01)  taken from “A Trip To The Moon” CD
  20. Stabilising The Spin  (5:04) taken from “Moon-The Area Of Influence” CD
  21. G-Star  (3:21)  taken from “Alpha Centauri” EP
  22. Daphnis (Keeler’s Gap)  (5:26) taken from “X102 Rediscovers The Rings Of Saturn”
  23. Outer Space  (4:27)  unreleased
  24. Self-Portrait  (5:43) taken from “One Man Spaceship” CD
  25. Aitken Basin  (9:25)  taken from “The Messenger” CD
  26. Deadly Rays (Of A Hot White Sun)  (4:58) taken from “Where Light Ends” CD
  27. Medians (5:07) taken from “Free Fall Galaxy” CD

Credits:  Sight Sound And Space is compiled by Jeff Mills. All the tracks are written and produced by Jeff Mills. Recorded at Spider Formation Studio in Chicago, Paris, and Miami. Audio post enhancement by Steve Kovacs. Graphic Design by Plastica.  Photographs by Jacob Khrist. Modeling by AwwA.  Production management by Atsushi Chizawa/Noriko Kanza. ©2019 Axis Records. All rights are reserved.

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