The Bells – 10 Year Anniversary DVD



Jeff Mills



DVD Format


Double Sided DVD. PAL A Side / NTSC B Side – Same contents on both sides.

Runtime: Approx 30 min (per side).

Probably the most played Techno track in history, “The Bells” has become the anthem for our sonic generation. Whenever heard, the response is typically euphoric and even today, it continues to serve as the climax of countless events, raves and parties starting a decade ago. “The Bells” means “let’s go!” Its universal voice speaks many languages and with its infectious melody, it has become one of the vital components in the progression of Techno Music.

Track Listing:
The Bells Original Video Mix
The Bells Video Remix
The Bells Video Bonus Beat Remix
The Bells Live At Sonar
i9 Video At Liquid Roon, Tokyo
Lifecycle Video

DVD-ROM Features For Computer:
Screen Savers