Axis Vinyl Stabilizer


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The Axis Vinyl Stabilizer is a high density metal that helps eliminate unwanted vibration which can affect the sound and stability of your needle’s tracking. The weight also helps temporarily levels imperfect vinyl that may have been warped or curved. The stabilizer maintains more precision in the tracking of your needle, which also increase the tightness of the high and low frequencies that may result in a more clearer sound. With its extra wide 4” diameter, the Axis Vinyl Stabilizer will cover the complete size of the record’s label, but beneath the stabilizer is mostly hollowed out which reduces unnecessary weight that might damage your spindle bearing.
Enameled in a custom “Axis” Gold color, the metallic fingerprint-less finish will maintain its look and allure.
The Stabilizer has been designed with a Solar System print on the top surface that helps mark the start/cue point of your song so that can be more precise in recording and DJ mixing.
size: 90 mm diameter x 40 mm height
100 limited and numbered
Comes in a black gift box with Axis logo microfiber cleaning cloths
Materialization by Fish Fabrications