And What About The Truth Kit


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TW-500 “The Healing Channel” by Jeff Mills

The Healing Channel is a collection of sounds especially designed to massage, cultivate and stimulate the human brain. Through a series of sound exercises, syncopations and layered rhythms will co-exist within the +/- beats per minute (bpm) of the human heart.

Total time: 39′ 31″

Originally conceptualized and created in 2004 but never released.  Repackaged for a limited quantity.

TW-001 / TW-010 (Please go to “Tomorrow” label section to see details of each EP.)

TW-001 “Preview” EP

TW-010 “Star Chronicles” EP

“And What About The Truth” T-Shirt
100% Cotton white T-shirt (American Apparel).  Black text print on front and Axis logo at back
Size:  Mens (M / L)  Ladies: (S / M)

“And What About The Truth” Post Card set
A collection of 3 post card (4x 6 inch) of the same titled artworks by Jeff Mills.

“And What About The Truth” Dogtag