Sculptures 1-3 CD



Petar Dundov



“Sculptures are very special to me. They connect me with time of my youth. Discovering new shapes and experiences inside, yet like they were always there just waiting to be opened. Inspired by sounds of early electronic machines, brought me to Sculptures, a sonic theatre of different characters joining together in time-space continuum. Sculptures represent us, in 3 stages, birth, life, and regeneration. I tried to address the people to listen and be open for new things that are coming. There are so many things to be discovered in our worlds. To feel and connect in order to understand can be a form of musical expression. Feeling of sound makes us alive, listening to sound makes music alive, and in that moment you are becoming together one form.

what we believe, it is,
what we understand,
we are.

When I put my mind trough it once again, for defining this acoustic space I used 3 synthesizers, 2 tape-echo machines and 1 reverb. A structure in 3 dimensional psycho-acoustical space, a sculpture of 3 tone generators, 3 echo machines working in 3 different scales of time. Now when I think of it an order was always there.

Later on I wanted to keep this form it in aspect of design and textual references of songs on this CD.

I hope that Sculptures will show to people an open perspective in a way of looking at world.”

– Petar Dundov

Number of Tracks:  3

Total Time: 32:05:00