Time Machine CD


Sold Out


Jeff Mills



Time Machine was inspired and noted on the 1895 novel “Time Machine” by Sci Fi author H.G. Wells, this 43 minute journey into time travel explores the outer limits and stretches the boundaries of your mind. Conceptualized, and produced by Jeff Mills. His unique skill of sound interpretations, propels the feeling of not being in the present. By composing soundscapes, he challenges the listener to use their imaginations to experience things from the other dimensions.

Jeff Mills confines a portion of the original story by focusing on a instance. From that point, the listeners are asked to listen, imagine the situation and complete the storyline themselves. Though there are no titles for any of the tracks, but one can feel the sense of locale and depth. All tracks are neatly qued to generate the sense of free-floating abstractions.

Number of Tracks:  13

Total Time: 43:23:00