Europa CD


Sold Out


Mitch Walcott



Conceptualized and produced by Mitch Walcott for Tomorrow/Axis Records.

 “The dilemma was naming the project about a planet or moon and have it all make sense. Europa was the perfect candidate. After doing research, I found that someday we might actually send a spacecraft that will penetrate the ice to hopefully discover a subsurface ocean. The possibility that there may be life on Europa fit very well with the last track on the disc, which was to move the listener from a very dismal place, to a place of beauty. I did not want to specifically name the spacecraft going to Europa. There are many different teams out there right now, each with their own project name and idea of functionality. My goal is for people to listen to this project and come away with interesting imagery in their minds”.  – Mitch Walcott

All the markings of classic Sci Fi movie are there except there is no movie. 100% Conceptual in every sense, Mitch Walcott’s Europa injects fantasy into the much needed arms of Techno. Completely without percussion, he dares the listener to imagine beautiful strings arrangements to tell the hypothetical stories of about experiences of Europa.

1. Long Journey of Spacecraft
2. Views from the surface
3. Drilling through the ice
4. Reaching the subsurface ocean
5. Crash landing of probe
6. Sinking slowly through the ice
7. Descent towards the discovery of life.

Number of Tracks:  7

Total Time: 31:31:00