Sold Out


Jeff Mills


12” Vinyl

Conceptualized, arranged and produced by Jeff Mills for Tomorrow/Axis Records.

“Tomorrow is a perfect reason to strive. We see it as a new chance in the system, a window of opportunity to begin again. We see it in ourselves and in the face of others. It is the reason one clings to life”. – Jeff Mills

Preview, the first sign of the Tomorrow label/ Axis Records. Here, Jeff Mills shows us the multiple directions in which the label will focus. Experimentation, unique perspectives and the presentation of ideas and theories that affect us all as a human race. On the A-side there are three compositions:

1. Preview – A sonic heartbeat. Drum/percussion-less and designed to be played on top of other drum tracks, this tracks becomes a beacon, searching for open and exposed minds to infiltrate. 2. Learning Sequence – A lesson in abstraction. 3. Sweet scent of fear – “Fear is what you imagine and can’t leave behind” Gothic Sci Fi track.

On the B-side 1. Here – Thick circulating soundscape. 2. Glen21 – With the help a interviewer, Jeff Mills displays a random interview with a person only known as “Glen”. His age at that time was 21 years old. Glen is being asked very syncopated questions about the future, his answers are hauntingly intriguing.

Number of Tracks:  4