Sleeper Wakes series album cover T-shirt





M, L, XL


100% Cotton

The iconic design of “Sleeper Wakes” album by Jeff Mills is now available on T-shirt.

“Sleeper Wakes” was released in 2009 as a same titled science fiction series started in 2004.

“The Sleeper Wakes is a science fiction story about the structure, preservation, limits of the human species and existence, the assumed realm of other intelligent life forms, the other dimensional worlds and realities beyond the horizon of our imagination. Created as means to demonstrate how fictional storytelling can enhance and open the doors to the unimaginable, these stories are devices meant to destabilize the creative process. This series is constantly evolving, ongoing and will never stop.“  -Jeff Mills

White T-shirt with “Sleeper Wakes” album cover art on front (10 x 10 inch)
T-shirt: “Creator” by Fair Fibers (France)   180g/sqm 100% organic cotton
Mens   M: chest 41  length 28.5  / L: chest 43 length 29 / XL: chest 46 length 30  (inches)